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Good sleep helps our young people remember all that they have learned in a day and resetstheir brains for another day of learning. It also helps to make them more resilient and enjoy better mental health. Time for bed children! Goodnight...zzzzzz@sleepdiplomat @PeeblesHigh

The health and wellbeing department would like to remind our young people that it is still ❄️cold❄️ outside and that we ask you dress appropriately for being outside during extra curricular and classes!

Many thanks
The HWB dept.

🎉Many Congratulations to our S3 school netball team who had a successful day in Aberdeen!! Well done to all that are apart of this great journey and good luck for your next game! 🎉
*Apologies for there not being a photo*

We are a dark-deprived society. Evening and nighttime light has a measurable impact on our sleep and, a new study suggests, our mental health as well. https://t.co/tZtH76voDQ

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