S2 Options

An introduction

To all S2 Students


From June 2013 Peebles High School is making changes to the structure of the curriculum in S3. These changes are the direct result of consistent feedback from parents, students and staff over the last two years.

In addition to the information contained in this letter there will be an Information Evening for the parents of S2 students on Wednesday 20th of March at 5.30-6.45. This evening will be an opportunity to explain in greater depth the reasons behind the curriculum change, the process of making new choices and the approach PHS is taking towards the delivery of National Qualifications in the Senior School (years 4-6).  Attendance at this event is not compulsory as we understand that many parents and the vast majority of pupils have welcomed these changes.

Curriculum Changes

Your son/daughter will be invited to make 3 additional electives which will each last for one year.

They will then follow a curriculum of:

English  5 periods per week

Maths 5 periods per week
PE 2 periods per week
PSE 1 period per week
RMPS 1 period per week
8 Electives 16 periods per week

(5 existing plus 3 new)

Students can chose any 3 subjects from the attached choice sheet; however we would advise that any new choice adds to the breadth of subjects already being studied.  In this way students will have a broader base from which to make choices in their fourth year.   Students should continue with the 5 elective courses they have already been studying. There is no intention to permit any changes to these.

Peebles High remains firmly committed to the principle of genuine choice at the end of S3.  Students will be able to choose subjects in the Senior School that they have not studied as an elective in S2 and S3.  However, students will normally be advised to choose subjects in S4 that they have previously studied as an elective due to the comparative knowledge and skills that they will have already gathered.

In additional to the options handbook on the school web site Pastoral Teachers will work with your son/daughter to help them through the options process. Please note that completedoptions sheets should be submitted to the school by Friday the 19th of April.

I trust that this letter, the information evening and the information contained in the school website will prove sufficient in answering your questions. However if you have any further question please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Yours sincerely

Paul Fagan

Depute Head Teacher

Further information

Further information on curriculum developments and the shape of the new National Qualifications that your child will sit in the Senior Phase can be found on the SQA website.  www.sqa.org.uk

Do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Pastoral Teacher if you are worried about any aspect of your child’s choice.

Cademuir House Dunrig House Meldon House
Mrs Cruickshank
Mrs Robertson
Mrs Parker
Mr Armour
Scott Cockburn

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