June 2017

ParentsE-Bulletin – June 2017


Please see the new Support a Young Person documentation!

Welcome to our June parents’ e-bulletin.

Parent Group Updates

A full summary of the year’s activities from the PC, PTA, PHS200, PHS200 Club and LSPHS is in the attached Parent Council AGM Minutes

Our first PC meeting after the summer is on Thursday 7th September.  Once again, we are inviting parents to come to this meeting and give us their comments and suggestions on ways that we can help improve the school.  This, along with the School Improvement Plan, will form the basis of our plan of action for the following year.

If you cannot attend the meeting but have a topic that you would like us to discuss, please contact Margaret via email at phspc@outlook.com .

Progress on our Key Priorities within the School Plan

A full summary on Tracking and Monitoring, Personal Support and Poverty Proofing the School is available in the Parent Council AGM Minutes attached. Please also look at the attached minutes from our special meeting on Learning Pathways and Developing the Young Workforce for a full summary of what has been happening in this area.

Have your say!

Please feel free to send us, as your parent representatives, any questions you would like raised with the school either at Parent Council meetings or via this Rector’s Q & A section and we will aim to get as many answers as possible to you.  Contact Margaret Hogg with your questions via email phspc@outlook.com.

We also encourage you to come along to all future Parent Council meetings to have your voice heard.

Have a great summer!

Best Wishes

The Peebles High Parent Groups –

Parent Council, PTA, PHS200, Learning Support PHS, 200 club.

(June 2017)

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