May 2017

Parent Group Updates

Parent Council

At our last PC meeting, our discussion focussed on Pastoral Support and mental well-being.  The minutes of our meeting can be found here :-

Our next PC meeting is on Wednesday 10th May at 7pm in the Sports Centre meeting room.  We are pleased to have Mrs Reville, PT Modern Languages, joining us to discuss how modern languages are taught and how we can support conversational language.  The agenda for the meeting can be found here:-

There will be an additional PC meeting on Wednesday 31st May to find out more about Learning Pathways, looking at both academic and vocational opportunities for students, including the current partnership with Borders College and the modern apprenticeship model.

Every PHS parent is welcome to attend these meetings and we encourage you to come along and take part in our discussions.


The PTA are providing volunteers to serve refreshments at the PHS Advanced Higher Art and Design Exhibition on Wednesday 3rd May 2017 (6pm – 8pm)

If you have any fundraising ideas please contact Michael Pryor or Lisa Houston Email


We are delighted to let you know that our application to the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and our project will be put forward to a customer vote in the Peebles Tesco during May and June 2017.  The project we have put forward is to upgrade the dining hall so that it provides an environment more suitable for students with hearing impairment – at the moment, it is hard for many students to enjoy the dining space because of the noise levels.  Investment in sound absorbing screens, carpeting and curtains will improve this significantly. Our project, along with two other successful projects will go forward to a vote in local Tesco stores where their customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop. Voting will take during May and June and we should hear the outcome by the end of July.  The project with the highest number of votes will receive up to £4,000, the second placed project up to £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000. So, please get voting to support us!

In collaboration with other parent groups we have been continuing to work this month on completing the new website (including trialling the daily bulletin online for next session). This is a substantial piece of work and we very much appreciate all the input from parents and staff, particularly Mr Wilson. We hope to launch the new website during June.

Furthermore we continue to work on the soundproof work for the dinner hall to support students who are hard of hearing and to help with noise levels at parents nights. Thanks to Alison Graham for her assistance in this project.

PHS 200 Club

The winners of March’s quarterly draw were:

1st  – Elizabeth Strain £100

2nd – Suzanne Slater £50

3rd – £25 (winner returned prize to school funds)

The next draw will take place in June.  We currently have approximately 200 members in the 200 club.  If you would like to join the club, please visit

The current balance in the 200 club account is around £7000.  The money raised through the 200 club is used to purchase materials and equipment for the school.


If your child is being helped by Additional Needs (whatever the level of support is) and you’d benefit from a support network of other parents, get in touch with LS PHS. Next meeting is on Thursday 18th May, 7pm, at the County Inn in Peebles. Look us up on Facebook (search for LS PHS) or ask your co worker to pass on our contact details

Progress on our Key Priorities within the School Plan

Tracking and Monitoring

Feedback collected at parents’ evening from throughout the year were shared with staff at the inservice day on 28th April.  Staff were also provided with an opportunity to provide their own feedback and suggest improvements during the in-service day via a survey monkey.  The tracking, monitoring and reporting working group will meet on the 8th of May to discuss the feedback and to agree next steps.

Developing Scotlands Young Workforce (DYW)- follow us @PHS_DYW

Enterprising Young leaders Programme

During May, S4 and S5 pupils who are not on study leave will participate in this innovative and exciting eleven day programme.  Through working with other pupils and with the support of Peebles CAN, pupils will develop key leadership and team working skills, relevant for the world of work, while developing their own social enterprise idea. The programme, created as a partnership between the Social Enterprise Academy and the Scottish Government develops enterprise, employability and entrepreneurial skills in young people and promotes awareness of social enterprise as a way of doing better business in Scotland.

The aim of the programme is to:

  • Develop an understanding of the social enterprise business model
  • Provide hands on experience of setting up and running a social enterprise
  • Provide practical opportunities that encourage our pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Please see the attached PDF for more information. Enterprising Young Leaders – Peebles – May 2017

The Arkwright Scholarship Trust

We are delighted to announce that Peebles High School has met the criteria to be recognised as an Affiliated Arkwright School. We now join with over 1000 schools who are committed to identifying, inspiring and nurturing future leaders in Engineering and Technical Design.  This year we dipped our toe in the water and submitted three candidates for the Arkwright Scholarship. One student has made it through to the final stages and we eagerly await positive news. Successful applicants are financially supported through their S5 and S6 and are linked with a company that helps to provide practical experiences to help the young person achieve their goal of becoming an engineer.

Personal Support

Despite some technical difficulties, over 900 young people managed to complete the pupil survey recently, the results of which are currently being analysed.  The next stage of the evaluation process is to ask parents to complete a survey so that all stakeholders have their say on how the initiative can be developed next year.  The survey will be sent out to parents electronically sometime in May.

We said goodbye to the S6 students in our Personal Support classes at the end of April and will welcome new S1 students in August.  Personal Support classes will be made up of S1/2/3 students during study leave so they will be the target cohorts for learning conversations during this time.

Poverty Proofing the School

No update

Rector’s Q & A

There have been no questions raised since our last bulletin.

Have your say!

Please feel free to send us, as your parent representatives, any questions you would like raised with the school either at Parent Council meetings or via this Rector’s Q & A section and we will aim to get as many answers as possible to you.  Contact Margaret Hogg with your questions via email

We also encourage you to come along to all future Parent Council meetings to have your voice heard.

The PHS Parent Groups would like to wish all our students good luck with their exams this month.

Best wishes

Peebles High Parent Groups –

Parent Council, PTA, phs200, Learning Support PHS, 200 club.

(May 2017)

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