About our school

Vision 2020

Peebles High aims to do everything we can to ensure a positive experience and outcome for our young people while they are here with us. To do this we published a very ambitious document in 2106 entitled “ Vision 2020”. This captures the how and why we hope to do this for every member of our school. Please download this pdf or continue down this page to read more fully about our ambition and commitment.

Our Values

Our values are taken from the mace of the Scottish Parliament: Justice, Wisdom, Compassion and Integrity. We aim to exemplify these values in our actions and encourage each other to live by these values. Our decision making and strategic planning are founded on these values. Mente et Manu.



We care about each other, the wider school community, and the whole of society. We see ourselves as global citizens with a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We try our hardest to understand those who hold different values and beliefs and celebrate our differences.


We promote and practise our values in our actions and reflect these values in our policies. We aim to face our challenges, identify areas for improvement and focus on meeting learners’ needs by applying these values with honesty and transparency.


We treat everyone fairly and always strive to provide equal opportunities. The safety and happiness of our school community members will be prioritised as we aim to deliver the very best opportunities for all to achieve and surpass their ambitions. We believe in, and are committed to, being an inclusive school.


When making decisions we will apply our knowledge, experiences, understanding, common sense and insight. We understand that at times the rights of our community members may be conflicting and we will always consider our values to help us arrive at the right decisions. We are all committed to learning every day.

Our Key Aims

  • To improve the lives and the life chances of all of our students.
  • To promote respect and positive behaviour in all of our relationships.
  • To ensure every student is included, participative and takes advantage of the wide range of activities on offer.
  • To deliver the highest levels of attainment and achievement possible for every individual.
  • To deliver positive and aspirational destinations for all of our students as they leave school.

Self-evaluation for self-improvement

Evaluating the quality of learning and teaching to ensure it is of the highest standard is given priority in our school.

We ensure everyone involved in school life understands their responsibility to evaluate their performance and all stakeholders take an active role in identifying what the school needs to do to improve outcomes for learners.

Using a variety of strategies, we involve different groups of parents, pupils and staff to lead, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate our improvements while avoiding overly bureaucratic approaches.

We are committed to our School Improvement Partnerships with other schools, looking for and learning from best practice within Scotland and further afield.

We listen carefully to advice from SBC, Scottish government and international sources, while also considering the best available research, to reflect on our practices and when planning new initiatives.

Gathering and analysing data, information and views underpins our approach to identifying what we need to do to improve and we are always mindful of the impact of our approaches on workload for young people and staff.

Learning, Teaching and the Curriculum

 7 Principles

At every stage of learning all of our students will benefit from their entitlement to a curriculum that is…

  1. challenging and enjoyable,
  2. broad in scope,
  3. progressive,
  4. deep,
  5. personalised by genuine choice,
  6. coherent and
  7. relevant

Dialogic Teaching

We harness the power of talk to stimulate and extend students’ thinking and advance their learning and understanding. Staff are skilled at using dialogic teaching to diagnose students’ learning needs, frame their learning tasks and assess progress. This empowers students for lifelong learning and active citizenship.

Active Learning

Providing active learning experiences is a priority for all of our staff. Our students are eager and active participants in all lessons. We engage all of our students in collaborative learning activities, outdoor learning, and provide learning experiences that are meaningful to a digital generation.

Assessment for Learning

We are committed to using assessment to aid the learning process. We believe that making and learning from mistakes is a vital aspect of learning and formative feedback, peer assessment and AifL strategies are at the heart of our approach to Learning and Teaching.  

 3-18 Experience

We are committed to partnership working across Tweeddale to ensure that all of our students benefit from a coherent experience that builds on learning at every transition point.  Across Tweeddale there is a consistent approach to pedagogy, a commitment to cross sector working/CLPL and a commitment to prioritise Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing and Skills for Learning, Life and Work.


The Broad General Education

The why, how and what we teach is consistent: particularly our approach to Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing and Skills for Learning, Life and Work. There is a broad approach to the experience of education involving a wide variety of providers and partners from our community.  Students regularly have the opportunity to use their knowledge and practise their skills in different contexts.

The Senior Phase

PHS has a streamlined approach to NQs. All of our students are supported in identifying the appropriate learning pathway in order to achieve their desired positive destination after school. Due to a wide and varied range of qualifications on offer in parallel with robust personal support, all students have the opportunity to maximize their attainment and reach their potential.

School Ethos

We create a safe, secure and happy environment in which young people will thrive, built on mutual respect.  All of our students are supported by their Pastoral teacher to ensure they are safe and happy in school so that they can achieve in their learning. We work in partnership with parents and students to create a learning culture of the highest aspirations and motivation, where all young people are fully engaged and challenged.

Learners have consistently high expectations of their own and others’ attendance, achievements, attainment and behaviour. Through well planned and resourced activities we create a stimulating learning climate valued by parents and staff for all students, sustaining their motivation and attention.

Reliable, appropriate and useful data systems help monitor and support our high expectations of attainment, progress and behaviour.  Our reporting system is informative for parents and students, giving clear information regarding progress to date and strategies for next steps, without being overly bureaucratic.

All staff understand and use the wellbeing indicators as an integral feature of school life, providing a productive and safe environment. This is partly achieved through early intervention and implementation of agreed procedures in assertive approaches to positive behaviour. Learners value well earned praise and are motivated by it; they are well behaved and show consideration for others. Relationships across the school community are positive and founded on mutual and self-respect.

The school is successful in developing and maintaining strong partnership approaches which improve outcomes for learners. Engaging families in learning and working effectively to plan, deliver, monitor and evaluate joint work with stakeholders including parents and carers, the local community, third sector, public sector and business organisations.

Personal Support

All of our students enjoy frequent and regular opportunities to discuss their learning with an appropriate adult.  We help all of our young people to set ambitious and appropriate goals for the next stages in their learning.  Both universal and targeted learning and support is embedded and is having a positive impact on young people’s progression with their learning.

There are high expectations for all learners across the school. We tailor the curriculum for students who have difficulty engaging in order to remove potential barriers to learning and to offer a dynamic and appropriate learning experience.  All staff know the relevant individual’s learning needs and put in place coherent support, with children requiring additional support having high quality, individualised and meaningful progression pathways.

We offer students the opportunity to explore their learning in different contexts and effective partnership approaches are embedded within planned programmes.  Our staff work with partner agencies to provide integrated services to support young people and their families break down barriers to success.

Our staff provide quality feedback to our young people giving them a very clear understanding of their strengths and learning needs and enabling them to set appropriately challenging targets for themselves.

All of our students are supported with choices and decisions regarding their future career path and are helped to achieve a positive destination on leaving school.

Positive Experiences and Achievement for All

As part of their Learning Journey through our school’s curriculum, our learners are offered an informed range of choices, extra-curricular activities, a wide range of choices and pathways to success both within and outwith the school environment. All achievement is recorded, celebrated and rewarded.

Our commitment to providing these experiences is reflected in our achievement statements:

  • Extra-curricular activities play a key role at Peebles High School. All students are encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular opportunities on offer to them. Their experiences are integral to helping them become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. We take pride in the range and quality of sporting and musical opportunities we provide.
  • All of our young people are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and qualities. We enable and listen to Pupil Voice when deciding in which areas of school life our young people will lead.
  • Our senior students are role models for younger students in their respectful manner, attitude to learning and commitment to our school uniform and values. Seniors will enjoy a wider range of opportunities to lead, achieve and develop the four capacities outside of the classroom.
  • Personal achievement out of school is encouraged, facilitated and recognised. Duke of Edinburgh is integral to wider achievement and is offered to all students.
  • We will continue to broaden and add to our Hall of Heroes. Our young people and staff will take pride in the history and traditions of our school.
  • We provide a wide range of challenging and appropriate courses for all learners regardless of their ability, aptitude or attitude.

We consider how all activities our young people are engaged in will help them to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.