The origins of PHS

In the 1949 Jubilee Number of The Peebles High School Magazine, the Rector, Mr. Rothnie, wrote an article entitled “THE SCHOOL – SOME HISTORICAL NOTES” He suggested that the first evidence of a school in Peebles can be traced back to October, 1464, when the “balyais and nychtbouris” appointed “Schyr Wylyam Blacklok …. to haf the scule and to be sculmaster and tyll teche the childer”. Two centuries later there is evidence of “…. the establishment of the English School and the Grammar School of Peebles on Tweed Green.”  The history of Peebles High School is long and varied. Please feel free to download this PDF for some very enlightening reading. We hope it is of interest to our school community and pupils past and present. In the meantime, you will see below some very interesting photographs from the PDF of our historic school