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  • Library
  • Introduction

    The LRC is located on the first floor of the Millennium building beside the Business Studies and the Computing departments. There are study facilities for up to 70 users with access to 15 PCs.

    We provide resources and equipment both for loan and for use in the LRC to support teaching and learning within the school at all ability levels.

    Opening Hours

    8.55 am - 4.00 pm
    8.55 am - 3.40 pm

    Break and Lunchtime Access

    Please note: S1 to S5 may use the LRC on the following days:-
    Monday S1
    Tuesday S2
    Wednesday S3
    Thursday S4
    Friday S5
    S6 may use the LRC at all times.

    Any pupils, regardless of their year group, may return books at break or lunchtime.


    The LRC is staffed by a qualified Librarian and part-time assistant. If you need help with any aspect of the LRC please ask a member of staff.

    Mrs. R. Fry


    Library Assistant
    Mr. N. Smith

  • Catalogue

    The LRC catalogue can be accessed from any PC, at home or school. It offers search options, access to your personal record, and allows you to renew items, see what you have out on loan, and place reservations:

    The Scottish Borders Council Library Service has a new visual catalogue called Aquabrowser. This offers a different way of searching for books and other resources. It includes a single search box, relevance ranking of results, a quick and easy way to limit or refine searches, and a "word cloud" showing links to related material or topics. It can be accessed at

    The general SBC Library and Information services website (which includes links to the catalogues listed above) can be accessed at

  • General Info

    There are approximately 11,000 books in the LRC. In addition, as part of the Scottish Borders Library Service, we have access to the stocks of all the other Border libraries (school and public).

    Computers are for educational use only, and may be booked for use throughout the day. The booking folders are kept at the issue desk. Please ask Mrs Fry or Mr Smith for help in booking a PC if you are uncertain how to do so.

    Notices about overdue books are sent directly from Library Headquarters. Notices are also sent home, when reservations which have been requested are in the LRC and available to be picked up. Please bring the notice and your library card or Young Scot card with you, when collecting a reservation. If you are over 16, you may choose to have notices emailed instead of posted.

    Also, please remember, when returning books to the LRC, to hand them to the librarian on duty, to be put through the computer. If you put returned books on the trolley (or anywhere else), without giving them to the librarian, they are still out under your name, and you will receive overdue notices even if you no longer have the books. You are responsible for any books issued on your card, until they are scanned upon return at the issue desk computer.

  • Joining the LRC


    You can join the LRC by filling in a library application form. There are two forms depending on your age group (over- and under-16 respectively). These forms are available at the issue desk.

    Once your form has been processed, your Young Scot card will become your library card. If you are already a member in the public library e.g. Peebles, Innerleithen or a mobile library, you can use the same membership card in the school LRC. You can also use your Young Scot card in the public library. Please remember to bring your card to the LRC whenever you want to borrow anything, even if you are just borrowing something for the period.

    How many resources can I borrow?

    S1-S4 may borrow 2 resources.

    S5 and S6 may borrow 4 resources.

    How long can I have the resources for?

    Books and talking books may be borrowed for 3 weeks.

    DVDs (requested from other libraries) can be borrowed for 1 week.

    Remember you can have resources renewed as long as no-one else wants them (up to a maximum of 2 renewals). Just bring them, or your Young Scot card, to the issue desk and we will renew them for you.

    Please return your resources on time because they will be required by other users. Remember to take great care with any resources you borrow as you are responsible if they are lost or damaged. Pupils are not charged late return fines. However, lost books must be paid for.

    Please remember always to have your resources issued at the desk before you leave the LRC. When you are returning resources remember to take them to the issue desk, please do not leave them on the trolley or put them back on the shelf!


    Staff can also use public library membership cards in the school LRC. However staff wishing to borrow boxes of books will be allocated a different card for the use in the LRC. Please come to the LRC to pick up a membership

  • Useful Links

    SBC Library and Information Services have excellent online resources which you can access if you are a member of the library. There are reference resources such as dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Have a look around the site!

    Lists to browse through when you're looking for something to read:
    great web-site created by Highland Council. Useful for all reading ages. A good place to start.
    for lower secondary.
    for middle secondary and Intermediates 1 and 2.
    for Higher and Advanced Higher
    books for 10 - 15 year old readers by 10 -15 year old reviewers.
    all the best books for children and young adults, parents, teachers and librarians, with reviews and ratings, games, stories and jokes.
    For teenagers

    Author sites
    This is a searchable database which contains up-to-date profiles of some of the UK and Commonwealth's most important living writers - biographies, bibliographies, critical reviews, prizes and photographs.
    Any story-surfing, web-exploring, word-loving, day dreaming, reader/writer/artist/thinker aged 13-18

    Book organisations
    Links to on-line games which complement children's books series.
    a very useful learning resource with 336,500 images, movies and sounds from museums, galleries, archives and the media. For the username and password ask the LRC Staff.

    Southern Reporter and other Borders titles.
    (includes foreign language newspapers)

    Scottish Poetry Library.
    Young Scottish Poetry Library - with over 20 000 books of poetry and on poets, 50 poetry journals, a press archive and an audio section, a visit to the library is a must if you are studying poetry at school.
    win a creative writing competition

    Some other websites which may be of interest:
    (Info on German courses)
    Quiz Postcard - play with words
    Think German!