P7 transition

New to Peebles High School? Coming up from Primary School? We are here for you!

Note to our new students:

Firstly, can we say welcome to Peebles High School, we can’t wait to meet you!

Sometimes it can be exciting to come to a new school but it can also be a little worrying to get used to everything that is new.  We are here to help. Don’t worry, lots of children have come before you, maybe your older brother or sister has come here too.  So this is a page with lots of information to help you (and your parents or carers) to have a fantastic start here at Peebles High school.

Note to parents and carers

Parents, remember your child will be in a Personal and Social Education class (PSE) and will always have some children from their primary school in that class. The teacher in this class (their” pastoral” teacher) normally stays with them throughout their entire time at the school and is there to support their welfare. So if you have any worries at all, please contact the main school number to the office and they will put you in touch with each other. Telephone 01721 720291

One S1 parent says, “My main tip would be encouraging children to ask when they’re not sure! I remember ours having tears over lost timetables and over questions regarding homework etc and then being too ‘scared’ to ask. So my main advice would be to reassure other parents to tell their children that it’s okay to ask at the office, ask a teacher, or ask a senior pupil, for advice/answers to their queries, and to reassure them that they won’t get into trouble for asking!”

Top tip for uniform – For information there is a local supplier of branded uniform and sports equipment called “Brown and Out” However there are lots of other suppliers of plain clothing too. In 2020, all students will be allocated a new tie but thereafter if you need a replacement, they are only available from the school office in the new session. Please see the link below:


What the students say:

We have been working in partnership with Peeblesshire Youth Trust to give you some help .Our former S1s, who have just moved up to S2 as well as some older students, have lots of great ideas to help you on your way. Why not spend a few minutes to get top tips on the best way to make the most of your time at Peebles High?

Click on the link to meet some of our students from last session:

The main things S1 students said were:

  • Don’t worry about getting lost, everybody does. The size could be daunting compared to your primary. Just ask a teacher or there are older students who wear green ties called Prefects and their job is to help.
  • Also don’t worry about being late to class, teachers expect it of S1s.
  • The fire hasn’t changed the school that much. SBC has made a good job with the new set up.
  • And within a week, you will be amazed that you know the school like the back of your hand.
  • Getting used to buses, for those using the bus for the first time – don’t worry! It’s a great way to make friends from your area and you will get to see them every day.
  • Talking about friends – don’t worry about not making friends. Firstly, you will have people you know from your primary school in your classes, so say hello to them. You really will make new friends easily.
  • One of the best ways to make friends is to join a club eg sport, drama, young engineers, eco-committee, there are loads and all are fun. It is a great way to make friends and get involved in the school – if you don’t like it you can easily stop and try something else.
  • Try the food at school, you will like it! However a top tip is to beat the queues is to get a  “grab and go”  lunch that you can order at break in the morning which will save you lots of time to let you get to clubs or spend time with your friends.
  • Try and be organised, pack your bag the night before so you don’t panic in the morning.
  • It’s easy to get confused, or not know something in class like homework – always ask. The teachers are so nice and they will help you with anything you need.
  • If you are ever having personal problems eg friendships or something with schoolwork – remember you have a pastoral teacher (PSE) who is there to help you with anything you need. The only regret anyone has about that, is not going sooner as they sort everything out and you feel much better.
  • Above all, remember to just be yourself and not feel you have to change yourself to fit in. Be true to you and everyone will accept you for who you are and embrace your uniqueness!

                                “Have a great S1 – you are to have one once so really enjoy it!”

Advice from the Parent Council to parents / carers on how to get informed and involved.

Once you arrive up here you are going to have lots of questions, so the Parent Council created a section of the school website called “All you need to know”. It’s all about information on all sorts of practical things e.g. how to report an absence, how the school day is set up and so on.  Hopefully it is a helpful resource for you on an ongoing basis.

Please click below.


The Parent Council can help in all sorts of ways, so have a look at their page on the school website. This gives you information on all of the meetings and working groups, including how to join our lottery to raise funds for the school:



We are transitioning to our own parent website and we do have a lot of information as well as a live streams of our social network feeds (if you don’t want to join social networks). We are building a database of lots of online learning resources here too. Here is the link;


This includes how you can get involved in the life of the school and is a big help in understanding how the school works after leaving the primary school setting and no need to panic you won’t get roped into roles, we certainly give you a year to get settled!

So you are nearly there – we look forward to welcoming you all and you will be “old hands” at High School before you know it! Good luck but most of all have fun!