Contacting the school

Who do I contact if I have a concern about my child’s progress/behaviour?
The first point of contact is always your child’s guidance /pastoral care teacher. (Ask your child for their name or check the timetable)

Absence/ lateness

What is the school’s preferred method of contact if a child is sick?
Email to or phone before 10am (or you will get a text saying your child is absent)

What should I do if my child is absent or late?
To report an absence (or lateness) text 07860 049596 or phone 01721 720291

School day

How is the school organised into periods and breaks?

School Day

p.1 08:50 09:40
p.2 09:40 10:30
p.3 10:45 11:35
p.4 11:35 12:45
p.5 12:25 13:15
p.6 14:05 14:55
p.7 14:55 15:45
end of school day
p.1 08:50 09:40
p.2 09:40 10:30
p.3 10:50 11:40
p.4 11:40 12:30
p.5 12:30 13:20
end of school day

School Houses

How are pupils allocated to houses?
There are three Houses; Cademuir, Dunrig and Meldon with each House comprising a Head of House, Principal Teachers and Form Tutors. Allocation depends on… Harry Potter’s hat, or…

What are the duties of the Head of House?
There are senior managers who lead each house and usually it is a Depute Rector.  In 5th year students are elected as House Captains, they lead various events throughout the year in the interhouse competitions including sports day.

Dress code/ uniform

What is the official school uniform?
P7 students will be given a folder with information on how to order their first school uniform and this will come via the primary school.
Traditional black shoes
White shirt or blouse and tie worn appropriately and modestly
Black sweatshirt with school crest
Black trousers and skirts (of a length that is appropriate for modesty)
White school polo shirts in s1-s4 with crest
PE kit black shorts and plain white t shirt with no logos
ALL hats and caps must be removed in school
All coats and jackets removed in class
Any pupil who is not wearing school uniform will be issued with a demerit. If a pupil accrues three or more demerits they will have privileges removed including attending school trips and social events

Which items of clothing/jewellery are specifically not allowed in school?
Modest jewellery allowed but must be removed at PE. No responsibility for losses can be taken but stolen goods must be taken up with the school via the office.
Make up is preferred to be minimal both for skin health during teen years and acting as positive role models to their peers

How do I order extra items of school uniform?
Ties, polo tops with logos and school sweatshirts can be ordered all year via the office or purchased through Brown and Out Tel 01721 723 773
PE kit and socks will be also be available from Brown and Out
Ties are available to order via the school office at any time.
Team socks are available from the Castle Warehouse

School policies

What are the school’s policies?
School policies can be viewed in our School Handbook

School buses

What are the procedures if the bus does not turn up or has been cancelled?
Parents can choose to take their child to school in the event of bus cancellations and road conditions are safe to do so.  However they will therefore be required to collect their child to return them home at the end of the day.  Parents will be notified via groupcall, twitter (see front page of school website if you are not a member to see live postings) and local radio on all information regarding school bus issues.

Do I need to collect my child from school if the bus didn’t turn up?
Yes but only if the bus is not running back in the afternoon, just double check at the office when you drop off your child in the morning. If the bus has taken the child to school then it is the bus company’s responsibility to bring the child home

Who should I contact if my child lost/left something on the bus?
Firstly the bus company.
First Bus : 01896 758116
Munro’s : 01835 862253
SBC Bus : 01835 825123
McKendry : 0131 440 1013
Allan’s : 01875 820377

Who should I contact about behaviour on the bus?
Firstly the guidance teacher and if not happy can follow up with the senior management team

What do I do if I wish my child to travel on another bus?
Passes will not normally be issued for travel on other contract buses unless the pupil has had a change of address that requires a change of bus pass. However, the child can travel on any service bus from the school if they wish to pay. If the parent wishes a change due to other circumstances, then they should put it in writing to the school, with a reason for the request. They can also contact Passenger Transport at SBC who actually need to authorise any changes requested in any event

Can children catch a bus after clubs finish?
Unfortunately, the school does not issue bus passes to children for after-school activities. It is therefore up to the child to find their own way home

Lost property

Who do I contact about lost property?
Lost property is sent initially to the office for a period of two weeks. Any named items are returned, while non-named items of uniform are washed and retained. Non-uniform items are kept by the office and then sold to support funds. (If property lost on the bus, see school buses, above)

Inclement weather

What does my child do in bad weather?
or see Radio Borders or this address Radio Borders for weather updates (simply use the ‘click to play’ button)


What are the key holiday dates?

Purchasing tickets for events

How do I purchase tickets to school concerts, shows and so on?
Tickets for events usually go on sale via the school office and occasionally one of the shops in the town will also sell them. An alert will come via email.


When will I know if my child has a locker and how are they allocated?
A form is given in P7 to purchase one and allocated in the first few weeks of S1 by the school janitor, although it can take longer! You can choose to take a locker for one year or all the way up to sixth year


When is the library open for pupils?
The LRC catalogue can be accessed from any PC, at home or school. It offers search options, access to your personal record, and allows you to renew items, see what you have out on loan, and place reservations. See more here

Extra curricular/ Clubs, activities, trips

What trips may be available to my child throughout their 6 years at PHS?
There are a variety of trips available throughout and vary per year but in the past there are several in s1 including an “all s1” residential and optional foreign trips. Later on school trips are offered in relation to specific subjects and also for sporting experiences. These are not guaranteed and you will get letters home via your child when they are offered. They are mainly funded by parents/carers. Places go quickly on popular trips, so pupils need to remain aware and respond quickly to announcements.


Peebles High School places a very strong emphasis on the value of extra-curricular activities as a means of enriching the education of its pupils, particularly in developing social skills, self esteem, initiative and the ability to work as part of a team. In Peebles High School there are many opportunities for pupils to be involved in activities out with the timetabled school day. These may occur at lunchtime, at the end of the school day, or they may involve day visits or residential visits ranging from local to international scales. All extra curricular activities are provided by staff on a voluntary basis.

The following activities are an example of what is or has recently been on offer to our pupils:

Ceilidh Band Modern Studies USA visit Borders Dance Festival
Guitar Group Geography Iceland trip Netball S1-S3
Wind Band History WWI Battlefields S2/3 Munich visit
Jazz Group Local RHET farm visits Italy Rugby tour
Senior Orchestra National Trust- Grey Mares Tail visit S1 residential visit
Brass Group Edinburgh Castle trip Water sports visit to France
Choir Dynamic Earth visit Juggling Club
Flute group Comenius visits to Estonia and Germany Chess Club
String Orchestra S2 Languages Paris trip Film Club
Boys Voices Medicine and veterinary medicine trip to
Journalism newsletter team
Photography Competition Scottish Rotary Young Chef competition Enterprise event
Young Engineers Hockey S1-S6 Girls Rugby S1-S6
Dance Club Basketball club Running Club
Drama club Art Club S1-S3 Ski Club
Christmas Craft Club Paper fashion Mountain Bike club
Scuba diving in Egypt Interhouse Competition PHS Junior Masterchef
S1/S2 school of Rugby Duke of Edinburgh Ski Trip
U15 Rugby S6 Biology trip to Kindrogan Boccia Club
U16 Rugby Visit to Edinburgh college of art Edinburgh Book festival visit
First 15 Rugby Visit to Gallery of Modern Art Under 15 Canada tour for
Hockey and Rugby

What lunchtime and after-school clubs are available to my child?
A list can be found in the current handbook

Social network

Who operates the facebook page for ‘PHS Parents’?
This is set up by parents for parents and the school is not allowed access via SBC rules. At the moment it is organised by the chair of the PTA and all parent group leaders can post information on it