Parent Council

PHS Parent Council now has its own website: please go to


Who we are:

We are a group of parents who are passionate about influencing the future of the school. Our objectives are to:

  • Identify and represent the views of parents on matters relating to the education and welfare of our children;
  • Work actively in partnership with the school, its pupils, parents and local community to help every child maximise their potential;
  • Work actively in partnership with National and Regional Authorities;
  • Lobby and advocate for the needs of parents and pupils at all levels;
  • Develop and engage in activities that support the school in relation to the education and welfare of the pupils, including influencing the design and implementation of the School Improvement Plan;
  • Raise funds for additional facilities and resources for the school and provide further financial support in relation to educational and extra-curricular activities of pupils;
  • Work with school staff to create a welcoming school which is inclusive for all parents;
Practically, the Parent Council (PC) at Peebles High School meets at least 6 times a year. Please follow social media for the 2020/2021 dates or look out for emails from the school.
Note all meetings are normally held 7pm at PHS Sports Facility Meeting Room but are currently ran on Teams. All welcome

Meeting are always attended by the school Rector, with other members of staff attending depending on the agenda. They are occasionally attended by pupil representatives (Head Boy and Girl) and by Scottish Borders Council representatives or community representatives where relevant items are being considered. Meetings are public, meaning all community members, parents and carers are welcome.

The PHS PC currently has 4 sub committees:

  • PHS Fundraising, a parent group which is mainly concerned with organising fundraising activities for the school. To be manageable, this is broken down further into separate responsibilities: events fundraising and external fundraising
  • PHS Taskforce (was PHS200), a parent support group providing a flexible and fast response to specific tasks as required by the school
  • PHS Auction – a temporary group that solely aims to deliver the Auction of Promises and Variety Show on October 4th
  • PHS Lottery, a parent group which raises vital funds for the school via a quarterly lottery. More details can be found here:


Below are a few examples of what PHS PC has recently been involved in and delivered:

  • Seeking the views of parents and carers with regards to the School library, the introduction of ipads, and the school estate consultation, and feeding those back to Scottish Borders Council.
  • Lobbying for better school facilities including enhanced security, accessibility and catering
  • Redistributing over £8,000 of fundraising across school departments
  • The PC continues to champion the whole needs of a child at school including mental health. A working group of staff,students and parents produced  evidence of the impact of exams immediately after Christmas  on wellbeing resulting in a revision of timing of prelims for N5s by the school.
  • Helping organise the Pathways evening and the Careers Event
  • Inputting into the development of a leadership programme for promoted staff within the school
  • Conducting a review of curriculum models across Scottish Schools
  • Embracing the school’s efforts in closing the attainment gap but supporting Pupil Equity Fund activities (which include the setting up of Friday afternoon sessions on cookery, craft and sporting activities)
  • Supporting the Eco Committee to make fantastic improvements to recycling and reusing within the school, reducing paper waste, serving school meals on plates with cutlery instead of takeaway boxes and generally raising awareness within the school community
  • Supporting and advertising STEM initiatives
  • Contributing to the recruitment of a new Duke of Edinburgh coordinator
  •  Social media campaign on celebrating and raising awareness of neurodiversity

If you’d like to join us in our efforts, share your views and idea, just come along to a meeting. We are conscious of peoples’ busy lives and are grateful for whatever contribution parents are able to make. Even if you are only able to come to one or two meetings a year, we’d be very pleased to see you. For information, please contact the Chair of the Parent Council, at, and follow us on Facebook (PHS Parents) and Twitter (@PHSParents)

For more details including our constitution, minutes, newsletters and much more, please visit