Senior phase support

Senior phase – supporting young people

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Information to support subject choices

Expressive Arts

Supporting a YP Art and Design (All levels)


Design and Graphic communication N4, 5H and ADH 2020
Design and Manufacture N4 and 5H 2020
Design and Practical Crafts N5 2020
Drama Advanced Higher 2020
Drama Higher 2020
Drama N5 and N4 2020
Art and Design Advanced Higher 2020
Art and Design Higher 2020
Art and Design N5 2020
Music Higher and Advanced Higher 2020
Music N5 2020
Photography Higher 2020
Photography National Progression Award 2020



N5 Biology 2020
Higher Human Biology 2020
Higher Biology 2020
Advanced Higher Biology 2020


Higher Chemistry 2020
Advanced Higher Chemistry 2020
N5 Chemistry 2020


Physics Advanced Higher 2020
Physics Higher 2020
Physics N5 2020

Business and Computing Technologies

Business Management

Business Management Higher 2020
Business Management N5 and N4 2020

Admin and IT

Business Admin IT Higher 2020
Business Admin IT N5 and N4 2020

Computing Science

Computer Science N5 and N4 and Higher 2020

Social Studies


Geography Advanced Higher 2020
Geography Higher 2020
Geography N5 2020


History Advanced Higher 2020
History Higher 2020
History N5 2020

Modern Studies

Modern Studies Advanced Higher 2020
Modern Studies Higher 2020
Modern Studies N5 2020
Social Studies N3 and N4 2020
Social Studies Politics Higher 2020


Philosophy Higher 2020
Philosophy N5 2020




Mathematics N5 Apps 2020
Mathematics N5 2020
Mathematics Higher 2020
Mathematics Adv Higher 2020

Modern Languages

Modern Languages Higher and Advanced Higher 2020
Modern Languages N5 2020

Health & Wellbeing

Fashion and textiles 2020


Supporting a YP Physical Education N4-5


Hospitality 2020


Supporting a YP RMPS N4
Supporting a YP Philosophy H

Supporting Learners at home 2018/19- preparing for exams , information for parents and students

Supporting Learners at home : Music
Peebles High School prelims and tracking

Support Night PPT PE 2020
Parents info N5 Chem 2018LJ
Managing wellbeing presentation
History National 5
History Higher

temp link only (for N5 Chem 2020 ppt)  :  Glow link