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Ensuring everyone at Peebles High School feels welcome, safe and happy is vitally important to us. We know that everyone is more likely to enjoy their work and succeed if they are in a community that supports and nurtures them. The Respect Policy lays out a code of practice and advice that will help us to create such a community.

Nine months ago I set a small group of parents, staff and young people the challenge of reviewing our anti-bullying policy and producing something that better served our community, while also challenging views around bullying and respectful behaviour. That small group grew rapidly and developed sub-groups, partnerships with outside agencies, young people groups and educational programmes. The result is a policy that genuinely reflects the views of our whole school community and a shared understanding of how we can improve together.

I congratulate the PHS Respect Group on their hard work and implore everyone to take time to read the policy and think hard about how it might impact your own behaviour, how you deal with the behaviour of others or how you report and record behaviours you believe to be bullying. If you read something you disagree with challenge it; if you are unsure about an aspect of the policy ask for clarification; most importantly of all, discuss it with others – if we don’t do these things it is unlikely to change our community for the better.

There are various people who deserve recognition for their efforts in producing the Respect Policy and we are grateful for their time and input:

Staff – Donna Moretta (Chair), Ruth Fry, Kirsteen Robertson, Veronica Boyd, Lianne Millar, Ellie Wood, Margaret-Anne McAllister, Trish Timmins, Gilly Smith, Catherine Hill, Lauren Murphy, Lesley Hamblett, Jacqui Allan, Steven Wilson

Students – Amy Shek, Lori Macdonald, Rachael Pryor, James May, Sophie Newbold, Mikkel Bottcher, Charlotte Hope, Jasmine Barton, Tom Beards, Amy Graham

Parents – Michael Pryor, Lindsay Mann, Lindsay Knott, Lorraine Woolford, Sarah Ramsay, Catherine Temple, Simon Fraser

External partners – Karen Wilson (LGBT), Graeme Pritchard (CLD), Barry Taylor (Police), Ceri Hunter (LGBT), Susan Robb (Youth Participation Officer)

The PHS Respect Policy was completed in June 2012 and reviewed in March 2018.

Campbell Wilson


Respect Policy  | Respect leaflet

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