S1 Hockey essential info


This is a note to help support you if you have a daughter who has signed up to S1 hockey and help you to understand how it all works.

Training and Match availability

Training for S1 students is every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime. Girls should come immediately after the end of their previous lesson to the sports hall.

On TUESDAYS girls should advise their hockey coach of their availability to play on the Saturday of that week. (Please could you advise your child in advance if that suits your diary too!!?) Occasionally a game may be played on a Friday afternoon if the visiting team require us to do so, girls will be notified usually on a Wednesday or Thursday if that should happen.

A team selection is usually announced on Wednesdays and is posted on the Hockey Noticeboard in the PE department. Girls should pop down and have a look.

Away matches are constrained by the cost of buses and a reduced selection is made but that is not based on ability but rather we will try as best we can to rotate girls around so everyone had an opportunity to play, naturally the more they are available the more likely they will get a chance to play.

Home matches, on the other hand, we do try to play everyone over the course of the game but obviously it means a reduced time on the pitch- but all great hockey training experience.

On Away Matches students normally meet the bus at Peebles Post Office on the High Street on a Saturday morning (usually around 8 am but your daughter should let you know -please advise them to use their homework diary or keep a note on their phone if they have one)

Girls are expected to come on the bus wearing school uniform (except on rare occasions when there are no changing facilities where we are playing)

They can bring their own stick if they choose but if they don’t have one it is the girls’ responsibility to collect one from the PE department on a Friday as we don’t carry spares and also of course they should bring their regular PE kit. Goalies must collect and return their kit for the away games too. Please bring a drink and snack too.

They are expected to represent their school with the highest possible behaviour and we have been fortunate that this is nearly always the case. Normal disciplinary rules do however apply.

Strips and Equipment

In first year we do not expect parents and carers to fully equip students but we would like the following after the October break if at all possible:

  1. Compulsory Mouth guard (£4 from school) or supply your own
  2. Compulsory Shin guards (please supply)
  3. Peebles School Hockey Hoodie (preferred please and available from Brown and Out)
  4. Compulsory Peebles High School Hockey Socks (Again from Brown and Out).
  5. PE top and shorts
  6. Trainers.

Please make sure your daughter is likely to continue with hockey before you invest in this!


please, see the school calendar for fixtures or if you received the recent letter from Mrs Williams you will have a hard copy too.

In inclement weather we aim to communicate via radio, and other forms or media to let you know as soon as possible if the match is cancelled – sometimes we can’t predict things and occasionally there will be a last minute call off – fingers crossed not too often.

In order to fund the hockey team, we ask girls to become members of the hockey club and it is this annual subscription that will ensure that we can play all year. A letter will be handed to girls soon to bring home for you to complete and return.

We hope the girls will experience the pleasure of playing a team sport, meet new friends, get fit and most of all have fun!!

If you would like to be kept up to date on a regular basis about hockey ( and if you are a parent or carer)- please send your details as follows by cutting and pasting the reply below and return to the school email address: peebleshs@scotborders.gov.uk.

To: Mrs Dewar PE department

Please include me in regular bulletins about S1 hockey-

Child’s name:
Your Name:
Email address:

Best wishes

Mrs Denise Dewar
1st year hockey coach.

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